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  • Price: $150

When: Wednesday, April 10th-May 22nd @ 4:30pm CT/ 5:30pm ET 

Instructor: Ms. Lani


Introduce your children to the Spanish language in a fun, engaging group setting with our Spring-themed online class. Designed for ages 4-8, this interactive course will have your kids speaking, reading, and understanding basic Spanish vocabulary and concepts through immersive activities.


Each week, we'll explore a new set of spring vocabulary words. Using colorful visuals, songs, and games, kids will learn these words in context while also practicing sight word recognition and reading comprehension with simple Spanish stories.


Numbers will come alive through counting exercises, allowing your child to build math skills bilingually. And throughout it all, our nurturing group format creates a supportive environment where kids feel confident trying new things.


Give your child a head start on Spanish fluency while fostering skills that will benefit them for years to come. Join us this spring for language learning que es simplemente divertido!


Spanish Immersion: Hola Primavera

    • Learn Spanish Online with Your Family!
    • Have Fun and Learn Together
    • Sing Songs, Hear Poems, and Enjoy Stories
    • Talk in Spanish
    • Listen to Native Speakers
    • Small Classes, up to 4 families 
    • Teachers Who Know About Little Kids
    • We Use the Best Ways to Teach
    • Use Your Smart Devices for Easy Classes
    • Online Spanish Classes
    • For Ages 4-8
    • Parents Can Join Too
    • Designed for Young Learners
    • Empower Families
    • Learn a Second Language
    • Practice is Important
    • We Have Experience
    • Spanish-Speaking Family? We Can Help!
    • Live Sessions with Native Speakers
    • Practice Talking
    • Get Lesson Notes
    • Bilingual or Not, You Can Succeed!
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