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Piano Pals with  Ms Lani


Is your child showing interest in learning the piano but you are unsure if they are ready to take private lessons?


Join our Piano Pal Summer camp! We introduce steady beat, piano posture, soft and loud sounds, short and long sounds, high and low sounds, patterns on the piano keys, finger numbers, hand posture and more! All of this is done in the context of fun, playful songs and music games.


  • Duration: 5 classes
  • Class Length: 30 minutes per session
  • Cost: $125
  • Date/Time: TBD

Piano Pals Summer Camp

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    • Student age-range from 4-8 years old
    • Small class sizes
    • Fun interactive songs
    • Students will have the chance to learn about the piano, rhythm, pitches and the basics of music theory. 
    • Student needs to have access to  a smart device for the video class
    • Students need access to a piano or keyboard for class
  • This class is designed specifically for students who are curious about learning piano and interested in trying online lessons. If your child is starting to show interest in playing the piano, this is the perfect way for them to try out online piano lessons without committing to a whole year of lessons (or even buying an instrument just yet if you can borrow one for a week).

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