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Email: to join the waitlist!


Price: $200 for an 8-week class ($25 per class)

When: Starting in April

Instructor: Ms. Megan


You have asked, and we are answering. So many of our NOVA mom friends have asked for an in-person Spanish and Music program for their little ones, that we are adding it to our calendar. This class focuses on exposing your child to Spanish through songs, rhymes, games and simple stories.


This class is designed for our earliest learners, ages 0-4 years old and a caregiver! We are working out the details of time and location, but make sure to join our waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment opens!


We're only accepting 6 families for our Spring class.


The Power of Learning Early:

Did you know that when kids learn a second language before age 5, it's a lot like how they learn their first language? At Little Chords, we know this really well. Your child will soak up the language naturally through songs, rhymes, and movement, just like when they are learning their native language.


A Special Way to Learn Language:

Our way of teaching helps kids learn language without thinking, "Is this English or Spanish?" They pick up the language like a native speaker does, which helps them become fluent and have a strong base in Spanish.


Discover the Magic of Speaking Two Languages Early:

Join Little Músicos today and watch your child's language skills grow while enjoying music and culture!

Little Músicos In-person

    • Learn Spanish with Your Family!
    • Have Fun and Learn Together
    • Sing Songs, Hear Poems, and Enjoy Stories
    • Talk in Spanish
    • Listen to Native Speakers
    • Small Classes, Only 6 Families
    • Teachers Who Know About Little Kids
    • We Use the Best Ways to Teach
    • Build a bilingual community for your child!
    • In-person Spanish Classes
    • For Ages 0-4
    • Parents Join Too
    • Designed for Young Learners
    • Empower Families
    • Learn a Second Language
    • Practice is Important
    • We Have Experience
    • Spanish-Speaking Family? We Can Help!
    • Live Sessions with Native Speakers
    • Practice Talking
    • Bilingual or Not, You Can Succeed!
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