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**Coming Fall 2024**


You asked for it, and we're making it happen! Many of our NOVA friends wanted a Spanish and Music program for their little ones, so we're adding it this fall.


This class is all about getting hands-on and having fun while learning Spanish. Your child will play games, sing songs, hear stories, and do real activities to learn.


You can choose to do a mix of in-person and online learning. With the online lessons, your child can practice Spanish at home between classes. This option is great for families who don't speak Spanish at home and want extra help.


Right now, we have one location in Purcellville, VA, and might add 1 more place. You can also join our online class if in-person classes are too far away. Sign up on the waitlist, and we'll send you a survey. Let us which location you prefer, your child's age, and what time of day is best. Please fill out the survey so we can offer the classes that best work with the most interested families.


Wondering what we'll do in class? Here's a sneak peek at our spring lessons:


  • April 5, April 12: My Garden (Planting seeds and learning about plants.)
  • April 19, 26: Baby Chicks (All about raising baby chicks, but in Spanish!)
  • May 3, 10: Farm Animals (Meet baby cows, pigs, chickens, and a friendly dog!)
  • May 17, 24: Insects (Learn about butterflies, ladybugs, and farm bugs!)


We hope for sunny days, so we'll be outside a lot. But we also have a cozy indoor space if it's rainy or cold. Wear comfy clothes and shoes that can get dirty!


Classes start at 10 am and last about 45 minutes to an hour. There's a play area, so bring a picnic and stay to play after!


Why learn early?

Did you know when kids learn a second language before age 5, it's like learning their first? At Little Chords, we understand this well. Your child will pick up Spanish naturally through songs, stories, and fun, just like they learned their first words.


Our special way of teaching helps kids learn without worrying if it's English or Spanish. They'll learn like native speakers, becoming fluent and strong in Spanish.


Discover the joy of speaking two languages early! Join Little Músicos today and see your child grow in language while having fun with music and culture!

Little Músicos

    • Learn Spanish with Your Family!
    • Fun, Hands-on learning
    • Sing Songs, Hear Poems, and Enjoy Stories
    • Talk in Spanish
    • Listen to Native Speakers
    • Small Classes
    • Teachers who specialize in early childhood development
    • Build a bilingual community for your child!
    • In-person and online Spanish Classes
    • For Ages 0-5
    • Parents or a Caregiver Joins Too
    • Designed for Young Learners
    • Empower Families to Learn a Second Language
    • We Are Bilingual Moms and Teachers, Sharing our Knowledge
    • Live Sessions with Native Speakers
    • Get Real Practice Talking
    • Bilingual or Not, You Can Succeed!
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