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Hola Verano with Ms Lani


It's no secret that learning a second language is much easier to do when you're young. Research shows that children have a greater capacity for language acquisition and can often achieve native-like proficiency in a second language if they are exposed to it early and frequently.


Join us this summer to learn some of the basics with fun songs, rhymes and stories! We love when whole families can join and practice together in between classes!


  • Duration: 5 classes
  • Class Length: 30 minutes per session
  • Cost: $125
  • Date/Time: TBD

Spanish Immersion Summer Camp

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    • Fun, interactive songs, poems, rhymes and stories

    • Learn basic conversational skills

    • Be regularly immersed in native speech patterns

    • Small class sizes

    • Teachers experienced with beginner students

    • Students needs to have access to  a smart device for the video classes

  • Summer is the perfect time to add some educational enrichment to your child's life. Take advantage of the extra time you have, even while away from home, by participating in our online camp this summer and grow your Spanish skills

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