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Price: Free!

When: The first Tuesday of every month @ 10am CT/11am ET

Instructor: Ms. Lani and Ms Megan


February 6th

March 5th

April 9th

May 7th


Hey, little treble makers (and caregivers)! Welcome to our 30-minute  online music adventure. This is not just any class; it's a fun-filled journey where your little one can dance, sing, and play with sounds. đŸŽ¶


Why join? Music helps tiny brains grow big and strong! Moving and grooving together also makes bonds between you and your child even tighter. We promise giggles, claps, and lots of toe-tapping.


What's inside?

  • đŸŽ€ Sing-Along: Get ready to belt out songs in both English and Spanish. Don't worry about the words; just join the fun!
  • đŸ„ Rhythm Games: Feel the beat and try out some fun rhythm patterns.
  • 💃đŸ•ș Movement Fun: Swing those arms, tap those feet! We'll dance and move to the music.
  • đŸŽ” Explore Sounds: Discover the magic of high and low pitches. Can you tell if a sound is short or long? Or if it's loud or soft?


So, caregivers, hold your little one close. It's time to make some music magic together!


Come join us and make wonderful memories. 🌟

Treble Makers

    • Enroll and we'll send you the Zoom Link!
    • Sing along in English and Spanish
    • Explore steady tempo with songs and chants
    • Respond to music with creative dance and body movement.
    • Create music using high and low pitches, short and long notes and soft and loud sounds.
    • Use Your Smart Devices for Easy Classes
    • Online Classes
    • For Ages 0-5 and a Parent or Caregiver (siblings welcome)
    • Designed for Young Learners
    • Empower Families to Explore Music at Home
    • Basic Foundational Elements of Music
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